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Re: nmake-ing Compress::Bzip2 in Win32 errors fatally

by idnopheq (Chaplain)
on Sep 01, 2001 at 19:37 UTC ( #109642=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to nmake-ing Compress::Bzip2 in Win32 errors fatally

Big THX to wog for the assist, but it's a no go. To help out, here's the Makefile.PL:

require 5.003; use ExtUtils::MakeMaker 5.16; use Config; $Bzip2_INCLUDE = '-I/usr/include'; #$Bzip2_INCLUDE = '-I/usr/local/include'; #$Bzip2_INCLUDE = '-I/usr/local/include/bzip2'; $Bzip2_LIB = '-L/usr/lib -L.'; WriteMakefile( NAME => 'Compress::Bzip2', VERSION_FROM => '', LIBS => [ "$Bzip2_LIB -lbz2" ], INC => "$Bzip2_INCLUDE", 'dist' => {COMPRESS=>'bzip2', SUFFIX=>'bz2'}, ) ;

The libbz2.dll is in c:\usr\lib, c:\incoming\compress-bzip2-1.00 ( the pwd ), and c:\winnt\system32. I've made several tweeks to the Makefile.PL, but all fail. Note that the headers, etc. are picked up fine ...

BTW, if I get this bad boy compiled, I will of course share w/ the community ...

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Re: Re: nmake-ing Compress::Bzip2 in Win32 errors fatally
by bikeNomad (Priest) on Sep 01, 2001 at 20:31 UTC
    So you have a libbz2.lib (an import lib) to go with your DLL? Note that the linker doesn't care about your DLL for symbol resolution; it needs an import lib.

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