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Netcat like with Blowfish

by Anarion (Hermit)
on Sep 02, 2001 at 19:16 UTC ( #109739=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: Networking Code
Author/Contact Info
Description: I usually use netcat. I just want to send some archives encrypted, so i make this program to do it. It uses Blowfish, you need to downoad it from
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Anarion
# 02-09-2001
# FileTransfer encryptet with Blowfish :)
# You need the Blowfish module from
use IO::Socket;
use Crypt::Blowfish;
use Getopt::Std;
use strict;

my %opcions;
getopts('hd:lp:o:kK:',\%opcions) or ajuda();
ajuda() if $opcions{h} || (! $opcions{d} and ! $opcions{l}) || ! $opci

my $key = exists $opcions{k} && $opcions{k}==1 && llegeix_clau() || ex
+ists $opcions{K} && length($opcions{K}) == 8 && $opcions{K} || '';
print $key ?  "Using your key\n" : "No valid key introduced, skip encr

server() if $opcions{l};
client() if $opcions{d};

sub ajuda
die <<AJUDA;
Version [1.1] by Anarion
Connect to somewhere:      $0 -d host -p port [-options]
Inbound connects:      $0 -l      -p port [-options]
        -o output    Redirect the output 
         -k         Read the key from STDIN 
        -K key         use this key [8 chars]


sub llegeix_clau
    local $| = 1;
    local *TTY;
    my ($clau1,$clau2);
    system "stty -echo </dev/tty";
    print STDERR "the key must be 8 chars long\nType the key: ";
    chomp($clau1 = <TTY>);
    print STDERR "\nRe-type key: ";
    chomp($clau2 = <TTY>);
    print "\n\r";
    print "Keys dont match\n" and return unless $clau1 eq $clau2;
    print "The password must be 8 chars long\n" and return if length($
+clau1) != 8;
    return $clau1;

sub server
    my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(LocalPort => $opcions{p},
                       Listen    => 2,
                       Reuse     => 1,
                       Type         => SOCK_STREAM,
                       Proto     => 'tcp',
                       ) or die "Cant bind socket $opcions{p}: $!";
    my ($client,$resposta);

    while ($client = $socket->accept())
        print "Conection from: ",$client->peerhost(),"\nAccept it? [y/
        chop($resposta = <STDIN>);
        last if $resposta eq 'y';
    print "\n";
    open(FITXER,">$opcions{o}") || die "Sucks cant create $opcions{o}\
+n" if $opcions{o};
    my $sortida = *FITXER;
    $sortida = *STDOUT unless $opcions{o};
    my $blow = new Crypt::Blowfish $key if $key;
        $_ = pack("H*",$_);
        if ($key)
            my @blocks = unpack("a8" x (int(length($_) / 8)+(length($_
            my $text;
            foreach my $block (@blocks)
                last unless $block;
                $text .= $blow->decrypt($block);
            $text=~s/ *$//;
            print $sortida "$text\n";
        print $sortida "$_\n";

sub client
    my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerPort => $opcions{p},
                       PeerAddr => $opcions{d},
                       Type         => SOCK_STREAM,
                       Proto     => 'tcp',
                       ) or die "Cant connect to $opcions{d} $opcions{
+p}: $!";

    my $blow = new Crypt::Blowfish $key if $key;

        last unless $socket;
        chomp($_ = <STDIN>);
        last unless $_;
        if ($key)
            my @blocks = unpack("a8" x (int(length($_) / 8)+(length($_
            my $text;
            foreach my $block (@blocks)
                $block .= " " x (8 - length($block)) if length($block)
+ != 8;
                $text .= $blow->encrypt($block);
            $text= unpack("H*",$text);
            print $socket "$text\n";
        $_ = unpack("H*",$_);
        print $socket "$_\n";
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