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/dev/rand quoting practice

by ohcamacj (Beadle)
on Oct 13, 2015 at 14:05 UTC ( #1144702=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Last night, tried to make the joke that, a universal translator ( "Android Marshmallow Has a Hidden Feature: Universal Translation" ) would turn line noise into "Just another perl hacker."

Posted 653 bytes of line noise; and immediately felt regret and embarrassment, that it wasn't valid perl.


S/l*6'6keN4-$D/Vi32kUZ0>dcWe{}E\T7@",}u's<6(@&-f)H=_O={8KL='\=#n/#w$zf +r}vf$3M:g:AV"!Y\off/G_gq!"q& ])c_k&xrU's\?s9W=e26^+OMBs`,>]=g70Qinx=+ +/2D8N{],GzO}}0w"Fe`o!h%uoCB#z6ywUA!!*/H r^47cGA&fK(U"'55aK?|(N^1nl]+q.)^CA[d#-VN6_|-z$[ JJQKO8;uFa;&5;!"" ^2 )uV'.TFs^W:5)_@!`87)8<7Vd!Z9J^kT$?]2@Q*Zq?I#hb/HX+*~G*m#N3,uy\79jj5@_O +!Aa6(H` 3xdGc[W8-R]IB9x;Fsy]%otu8AcNi&w$WK.;!|05/=):_/7*"mH.*iE]0x_}H +5C1;6KW4:?v%v2uDQ<cv/K61l\(C" &R0+76t3PoZ"h$(`)E1&?MJ|G;,M;'=h$r5g3yvN%y|~9!bn"0}M{zX&e~:[k_vD2$!])B +DMla#*"Dt==-Y"|wkfa~2/n {9 7]%_]K*]H~q ]j~n>`jX"o2yL`sd(Z9/se/6=K>Y[S-wa?-s.A8":Kv2 ,14&~{NU-/@_] +Mj_|@5;2&m<GVb'h5&?x>Qo4Hm[)B3)@pvoz(}]$0sRb{^5v7B c.13;U"J0vek'-'B<
After editing
s/l*(6'6keN4-\$D)?/Vi32kUZ0>dcWe{}E\\T7\@",}u's<6(\@&-f)H=_O={8KL='\\= +#n\/#w\$zfr}vf\$3M:g:AV"!/; #Y\off/G_gq!"q& ])c_k&xrU's\?s9W=e26^+OMBs`,>]=g70Qinx=+/2D8N{],GzO}}0 +w"Fe`o!h%uoCB#z6ywUA!!*/H $k=unpack("B*", ")AM:7!]]>'I+\%Q=W!!42,30Q16!220\\9!QM=54,E5\x20U+!\&A +)-SU2#\%D\\+4059!U,\x20" ."\x20]0\&\%T6\x20QP)\&\x20-30\&-5\%5T=.\x20\x20(");$k=~s/.(.).(.{5})/ +$1$2/gx;$_^=pack("B*", $k);eval;qq<r^47cGA\&fK(U"'55aK?|(N^1nl]+q.)^CA[d#-VN6_|-z\$[\\nJJQKO8 +;uFa;\&5;!"" ^2)uV'.TF s^W:5)_\@!`87)8\<7Vd!Z9J^kT\$?]2\@Q*Zq?I#hb\>`jX"o2yL`sd(Z9/se/6=K\>Y[ +S-wa?-s.A8":Kv2 ,14 \&~{NU-/\@_]Mj_|\@5;2\&m\<GVb'h5\&?x\>Qo4Hm[)B3)\@pvoz(}]\$0sRb{^5v7B +c.13;U"J0vek'-'B>

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[hippo]: Marketing should not be allowed near such utilities.
[Corion]: I should tell them about the "dim+lock all monitors to show the immediate alert centered" feature of that software so they can announce the next intranet website feature even better ;)
[Eily]: This sounds like the perfect medium to send "don't let anything distract you"
[LanX]: hippo you asked about translating Asterix ?

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