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Re^3: error in perl TK module post installation

by hippo (Abbot)
on May 11, 2017 at 09:42 UTC ( #1190048=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: error in perl TK module post installation
in thread error in perl TK module post installation

Perhaps the key to solving your problem is in one of the warnings you have silenced.

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Re^4: error in perl TK module post installation
by kally (Novice) on May 15, 2017 at 11:42 UTC
    this is what I am getting
    C:\>perl -MTk -le "print $Tk::VERSION;" Can't locate auto/Tk/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/strawberr +y/perl/site/lib C:/strawberry/perl/vendor/lib C:/strawberry/perl/lib +.) at C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/ line 88. + Compilation failed in require. + BEGIN failed--compilation aborted. C:\> +
      at C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/ line 88

      Line 88 of is:
      bootstrap Tk;
      What happens if you change that line of that file to:
      DynaLoader::bootstrap Tk;
      Also, what version of Strawberry Perl do you have:
      perl -le "print $];"
      And what version of DynaLoader do you have:
      perl -MDynaLoader -le "print $DynaLoader::VERSION;"
      It's the DynaLoader module that should be providing the bootstrap() function. For some reason it is not being found there, so perl goes looking for it in auto/Tk/ (which doesn't exist, and should not exist).
      So ... I'm puzzled as to why DynaLoader::bootstrap() is not being found. Your answers to the questions that I've just asked might help.

        Rob, The version of strawberry perl is 5.14 and this Dynaloader module is perl 5.24. Is that going to be any problem again for successful running of the Tk module.Well I am trying lets see if it works! thanks

      dmake -s ... this is what I am getting

      Try showing the output of dmake install especially without the -s option

        Hey monks,

        Thankyou so much for helping me out to fix this error. I am so glad i did this with your help. Now focusing on the problem what I was doing wrong was the Installation I tried installing it 3 times finally it read properly and additionally with the Tk module i had to install several other module also which were dependent on it like Tk::NumEntry and some more. After putting the respective files in the bin folder of strawberry perl I was able to run it successfully. There are still some error coming which are small and will be rectified but my basic requirement was the making of the GUI page which was made pretty nicely.


        kally :-D

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