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Re^3: RFC: Compiling Gtk+ stack on windows with strawberry perl

by marioroy (Priest)
on Sep 24, 2017 at 09:06 UTC ( #1199983=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: RFC: Compiling Gtk+ stack on windows with strawberry perl
in thread Compiling Gtk+ stack on windows with strawberry perl

Greetings, mtl3 and welcome to the monastery.

The following instructions provide another way to install Perl-Gtk2 on the Windows platform. See, FAQ question #4.

I tested on fresh Strawberry Perl installations v5.22.3.1, v5.24.2.1, and v5.26.0.2. During the Gtk2 installation, a new window may appear asking if you want to move the themes directory. If so, wait for the installation to finish before answering the question.

The ppm_req script, mentioned in FAQ #4, is found here.

> ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion Installing package 'PPM-Sisyphusion'... Bytes transferred: 496247 Installing C:\perl-\perl\site\lib\PPM\ Installing C:\perl-\perl\bin\lib530pthread-1.dll Installing C:\perl-\perl\bin\libgcc_sis__530.dll Installing C:\perl-\perl\bin\libstdc_530.dll > perl ppm_req Gtk2 # <-- provides a list of ppm commands to run > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Cairo_font > ppm install Cairo > ppm install Gtk2 The following dependencies are installed automatically. > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Pango_dll > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Glib_dll > ppm install Glib > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Gtk2_dll > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Gtk2_theme > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Cairo_dll > ppm install Pango

Tk may be installed similarly, via PPM under Strawberry Perl v5.22.3.1, but not later Perl releases at this time. Trying will not hurt and simply emit a message stating not yet available.

> ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion # <-- skip if already done > ppm install Tk > ppm install Tk::Zinc

The list of Sisyphusion packages is found here.

Regards, Mario

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Re^4: RFC: Compiling Gtk+ stack on windows with strawberry perl
by mtl3 (Initiate) on Sep 24, 2017 at 20:25 UTC

    This worked a treat!!!

    Many thanks for your fast, efficient... and wise answer.


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