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Perl plugin for JetBrains IDEs 2017.4 is now available

by hurricup (Pilgrim)
on Nov 29, 2017 at 04:32 UTC ( #1204498=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Below you may find all changes since last announced update (2017.1.3):


  • Perl project structure internals reworked:
    • Perl now may be configured as a second language for any type of project with any SDK selected
    • Added support for external libraries
    • Perl-related project settings are now in Settings->Languages & Frameworks section in all IDEs
    • It's no longer possible to add and/or select Perl as main project/module SDK in Intellij IDEA
    • IMPORTANT: it was not possible to automatically migrate user's settings to the new structure, so you'll need to - configure your project again
  • Built-in subs, namespaces and variables usages are now highlighted and you may find usages for them
  • Spell checking is now available in Perl5 and POD files, by akashr
  • You may now annotate methods with #@returns *, meaning that method returns $self, #247
  • Context view with Alt + Q and navigation with Alt + Up/Down works now, by johndunlap
  • Editor responsiveness should be much better now
  • Completion is now opens automatically after typing:
    • a sigil
    • an opening quote
    • an opening brace in a hash index
    • an opening brace after a sigil
    • a space inside of the qw list
  • Double-click on variable name should now select variable with sigil
  • __PACKAGE__ now may be used as class specifier in my/our/state and annotations #@type/#@returns, by @aldem
  • Inspection for use vars legacy pragma usage with quick-fix for converting to our declaration, #380
  • Intention to convert statement with modifier to compound statement and vice versa, by @cjelli
  • Re-worked live templates: abbreviations, defaults and so on (need a feedback)
  • Already typed import parameters are now excluded from the completion
  • Completion in braces after typeglobs now contains slots names


  • Few auto-reported exceptions
  • Lookup elements for arrays now containing array slices
  • Built-in array/hash elements and slices are now properly colored
  • Plugin does not add empty <perl/> section to the iml file if perl roots were not configured
  • Mark Perl5 root action is unavailable if Perl5 support is not configured, unmark still available
  • Improved $self type detection for tricky situations, #569
  • Stack overflow exception in Go IDE/plugin, #1584
  • Exception on override method action Ctrl+O
  • Exception in convert string to heredoc intention dialog
  • Mac users should not have problems with SDK addition anymore, by @bbmielke
  • continue block indentation after while and until
  • Spacing after for/foreach in compound statement without explicit variable, #1607
  • Completion for methods on annotated variables, by @bakanov
  • @EXPORT and @EXPORT_OK handling for large lists of exported variables, by @johndunlap
  • Unresolved variable inspection false positive on $1 and friends, #1605 (hardcoded variables 1-20)
  • Console filter should be more selective, to avoid linking other languages exceptions, #1630


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