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My program it doesn't work could you tell me my mistakes?

by Anonymous Monk
on Nov 08, 2001 at 04:18 UTC ( #123961=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Anonymous Monk has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

print "What is your name?\n"; $input=<STDIN>; $name=inputcutter($input); print "What is your age?n\"; $input=<STDIN>; $age=inputcutter($input); print "Your are $name and your age is @age years old.\n"; sub inputcutter{ $s=chomp $input; return ($s); }

Edit (davorg): added <code> tags.

2005-10-13 jdporter moved from Tutorials (!)

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Re: My program it doesn't work could you tell me my mistakes?
by monkeygirl (Pilgrim) on Nov 08, 2001 at 06:46 UTC

    Here is your program wrapped in code tags, and formatted so it's a little easier to read. I've made comments explaining what's going wrong/on within the code.

    print "What is your name?\n"; $input=<STDIN>; $name=inputcutter($input); # Be careful with that slash. You just escaped your # double-quote. print "What is your age?n\"; $input=<STDIN>; $age=inputcutter($input); # You don't have an array called @age in your code. # Try $age instead. print "Your are $name and your age is @age years old.\n"; sub inputcutter { # Here, you're neglecting to fetch the data you just # passed to here (in @_, FYI). If you do # $input = shift;, you'll grab the first element of # @_, which is what you need. # On this line, $s holds whether or not the chomp was # successful, not the chomped version of $input. You # can just chomp $input; and forget about $s. $s=chomp $input; return ($s); }

    It is highly recommended you use strict; and run with Warnings and Taint. I'm not going to rehash the reasons why, when there is already a node on PM such as Use strict warnings and diagnostics or die just waiting to be read.

    Also, remember to include your shebang line at the top of your program (usually #!perl or #!/usr/bin/perl), or else your program won't run. And if you're on a Windows box, you have to execute the program like this: perl or  perl -T

    If the program is still giving you problems, please reply back to this thread for additional help. But I implore you to be more descriptive of the problem as it will increase the chances of us being able to help you out.

    Update: As blakem points out, Anonymous Monk probably did have the <STDIN> after all. Node edited to reflect changes.

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      Since I almost tripped myself up on this yesterday...

      When someone posts code w/o code tags, things like '<STDIN>' tend to get parsed out as invalid html tags. That's why you'll see things like

      $input = ;
      </code> It was actually entered as:
      $input = <STDIN>;
      but got munged along the way.


Re: My program it doesn't work could you tell me my mistakes?
by virtualsue (Vicar) on Nov 10, 2001 at 19:44 UTC
    Here's a simple, "idiomatic" alternative to your code which runs with warnings and strict syntax checking enabled.. monkeygirl has already pointed out the problems with your original version.
    #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; print "What is your name?\n"; chomp (my $name = <stdin>); print "What is your age?\n"; chomp (my $age = <stdin>); print "You are $name and your age is $age years old.\n";

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