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Re: Mass Domain Name Lookup

by CharlesClarkson (Curate)
on Nov 16, 2001 at 20:54 UTC ( #125849=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Mass Domain Name Lookup

You're opening and closing DATAOUT too often. How about loading an array and doing the write to file just once.

sub lookup { my ($ldns, $fqdn) = @_; my ($error, $error_a); open DIG, "$dig \@$ldns $type $fqdn | " or die $!; while (<DIG>) { if (/;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY\s|QUERY, status: NOERRO +R, .*/) { $error = 1; next; } next unless /$fqdn\.\s+(\w+)(\s+A|\s+IN\sA)\s+(.*)/; $error_a = 1; my $time = lc($1); my $ip = $3; my $seconds = $time =~ /[dhms]/ ? string_to_time($time) : +$time; my $extended_time = time_to_string($seconds); print "Request: $fqdn\tTTL: $extended_time\tIP: $ip\n" if +$verbose; push @data_out, "$ldns\t$fqdn\t$seconds\t$ip\n" if $outfil +e; } close DIG; if (!$error) { print "Request: $fqdn\tERROR (No domain found)\n" if $verbose; push @data_out, "$ldns\t$fqdn\tERROR\tNO DOMAIN\n" if $outfile +; } elsif (!$error_a) { print "Request: $fqdn\tERROR (Domain found, no A record found) +\n" if $verbose; push @data_out, "$ldns\t$fqdn\tERROR\tNOT A RECORD\n" if $outf +ile; } }

As you can see, the code is tighter and easier to read. But, we now must add a test for @data_out.

if (@data_out) { open (DATAOUT, ">> $outfile") || die "can't open $outfile: $!"; print DATAOUT @data_out; close DATAOUT; }

This can be rewritten by taken advantage of the x operator.

foreach $thing (@ns){ push (@provide, "Unknown"); }
push @provide, ('Unknown') x @ns;

And, finally, all those ifs in the beginning could be combined.

if ( $help || !@ns && !$nsfile || !@addr && !$addrfile || !$verbose && !$outfile ) { print <<END; . . .

Charles K. Clarkson

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Re: Re: Mass Domain Name Lookup
by argus (Acolyte) on Nov 16, 2001 at 23:10 UTC
    Outstanding! Thank you. I gave you credit in the copy of the code I have here. This helped me learn a lot.

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