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Re: (Golf) Decorating the Christmas Tree

by jynx (Priest)
on Dec 04, 2001 at 03:31 UTC ( #129234=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (Golf) Decorating the Christmas Tree

How about something different...

Rather than checking rand for different values, i construct a heuristic and run through it for each character. It's only vaguely correct since it's difficult to extract integer values appropriately in only a few keystrokes. The first entry weighs in at 120 characters and doesn't assume that $f and $h are set for me. The second weighs in at 103 characters and assumes that they are set (but doesn't run under warnings). Thanks for the interesting golf Masem :)

#1 sub f{ ($a,$b,@_)=(@_,split//,'0@*+'.'='x(4/(pop)-4); $b=2*$_-1,print$"x((2*$a-1-$b)/2),$_>1?map$_[rand@_],1..$b:'*',$/for 1 +..$a } #2 sub g{ +split//,'0@*+'.'='x(4/$f-4); $b=2*$_-1,print$"x((2*$h-1-$b)/2),$_>1?map$_[rand@_],1..$b:'*',$/for 1 +..$h }

update: i didn't notice the --$h trick, so i've shortened those still further:
update2:oops, my heuiristic was hard-coded for 0.3. i've corrected all versions.

#1 (at 97 characters) sub f{ ($a)=@_;+split//,'0@*+'.'='x(4/(pop)-4); print$"x--$a,$_>1?map$_[rand@_],1..2*$_-1:'*',$/for 1..$a } #2 (at 86 characters) sub g{ +split//,'0@*+'.'='x(4/$f-4); print$"x--$h,$_>1?map$_[rand@_],1..2*$_-1:'*',$/for 1..$h }

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