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Verify Your FreeBSD CD

by crazyinsomniac (Prior)
on Dec 10, 2001 at 14:36 UTC ( #130623=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: Utility Scripts
Author/Contact Info crazyinsomniac at the throne dot asterix
Description: If you just downloaded 4.4-install.iso also known as FreeBSD 4.4 ISO, and you "burned" it to a cd, and you wish to make sure that all the packages contained are as they should be (Debian has been really lame about this, I had at least 5 packages fail, even tough the "burn" was good, it turns out, just a shabby iso release)
perl -d D:/>burnt
WHAT?!?!: For some reason, in \XF86336\CHECKSUM.MD5 the line MD5 (Servers) = edc0aef739c1907144838e6c18587e02 which apparently is the md5 sum for the "directory" \XF86336\Servers which you might be able to do in *nix, but on on winblow.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

=head1 NAME     Verify Your FreeBSD CD

=head1 AUTHOR   crazyinsomniac

When The Levee Breaks

=head1 LICENSE  the same as that of perl itself (`perl -v')


MD5 (compat21.aa) = c44af22b7cc1f19cccdaf7f49841f9de
MD5 (compat21.ab) = d7f1ff74b9ff7b7d21eda01f90ee04e0


use strict;
use Getopt::Std;
use Digest::MD5;
use File::Find;

$|= {on => 'nope'};

use vars qw/ %Opt %Dsp $Vv/;

getopts('?hvd:', \%Opt);

$Vv = 1 if exists $Opt{v}; # verbosity (errors and bad sums reported b
+y default)

if( exists $Opt{h} or exists $Opt{'?'} )
    goto FIRST_HELP
elsif( exists $Opt{d} )
    die " Where is your cd !!??\n"
       unless defined $Opt{d}; # missing arg, you ape

    chdir $Opt{d}
        or die "Dang, does the directory '$Opt{d}' really exist?\n";

    die "hmm, can't read $Opt{d} for some reason \n"
        unless -d $Opt{d} and -r $Opt{d};

    find(\&loop_it, $Opt{d});

    goto THEEND


    Hello and welcome to Verify Your Debian Potatoe.
    This tool relies on the md5sum.txt file
    being in the root "directory" of said cd,
    and the sums there being correct.
    Usage: perl $0 [-?hvd]
    -?      same as below
    -h      prints out this message
    -v      bees verbose (FAILED sums are reported by default)
    -d      /path/to/cd/a/must


sub loop_it
    return unless $_ eq 'CHECKSUM.MD5';
    # we only loop it if we got something to work with

    print "$File::Find::name\n----\n" if $Vv;

    open(FE,'CHECKSUM.MD5') or warn "Impossible!!! CHECKSUM.MD5! $!" a
+nd return;

    my %MD5Sums = map
                  { chomp;
                    /^MD5 \(([^()]+)\) = ([a-zA-Z0-9]{32})$/ # damn!!!
+ i'm good
                  } <FE>;


    for my $file(sort keys %MD5Sums)
        print "processing $file \n", if $Vv;

        open(MDFH,$file) or warn "shit, couldn't open $file, neext\n" 
+and next;

        binmode MDFH; # cause I don't know what kind of shit u runnin

        select undef, undef, undef, 0.45; # cause a lot of cdr(w)s cho
+ke up

        my $md5 = Digest::MD5->new()->addfile(*MDFH)->hexdigest();

        if ( $md5 ne $MD5Sums{$file} )
            printf "Oh CRIKEY!! -- it's to the bakery.\n%s\n%s **\n%s\
                   $file, $MD5Sums{$file}, $md5
            printf "G.oo00OOD!! -- no problem here\n%s\n%s **\n%s\n\n"
                   $file, $MD5Sums{$file}, $md5

THEEND: die q{ I'll have no place to stay. }
>perl -ne"$\=qq,\n,;print for m/^MD5 \(([^()]+)\) = (.{32})$"' CHECKSU
>perl -ne"print map {scalar <>} 1..3 if /^Oh CRIKEY!!/" verify
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