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Re: Re: Name Space

by George_Sherston (Vicar)
on Dec 15, 2001 at 16:46 UTC ( #132209=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Name Space
in thread Name Space

I must say, it is a delight and an honour to find the Lord of the Nodes represented in this humble thread. If I might make so bold, though, might I ask whether it would be too much to hope for a more direct answer to the question? Although I suppose it's fairly obvious why someone who Reaps Nodes is called NodeReaper.

§ George Sherston

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Re: Re: Re: Name Space
by demerphq (Chancellor) on Jan 17, 2002 at 20:09 UTC
    Heh. Cool George You managed to get the reaper to drop by.


    And I agree with the honor part, I mean really it isnt every day that NodeReaper drops into join the conversation is it?

    Yves / DeMerphq
    When to use Prototypes?

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