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by fmogavero (Monk)
on May 26, 2000 at 18:48 UTC ( #14989=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Learned Fortran in the 70's. Learned Commodore Basic in the early eighties. (Poke and Peek were my favorite commands.) Learned C and DOS Basic in the late eighties. Learned VB, HTML, Javas‎crip‎t, Java and Perl.

I like Perl the best.

I speak, read and write in American, Russian and Italian. Languages are languages

I am also into metaphysics, play several different musical instruments and have three children.

OKAY I put a picture here for you as long as you promise not to laugh! (Just point and laugh!)

Version 3.12
GCS/IT/MU/TW(!) d+(!) s:+ a++ C++ UH P+++ (L) E--- W+++ N w--- O- M-- V-- !PS PE Y++ !PGP !t !5 X+ R* tv b+++ DI++ D G e h---- r+++ z++++

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[ambrus]: wow! I haven't seen you here for a long time, virtualsue
virtualsue waves back
[Eily]: it would have been 2 years in 2 weeks actually. And welcome back virtualsue :)
[Corion]: I think I saw virtualsue more recently in person than online :-D
[virtualsue]: It's true that there was a bigger gap between the 2 yr old post and the one before it
[ambrus]: yes, I probably just didn't see you two years ago, because I'm not in perlmonks much
[virtualsue]: Nor am I :-)
[talexb]: virtualsue Heh .. long time no see! :)
[virtualsue]: I have a quiet Perl themed slack workspace
[virtualsue]: The person who talks to me on it the most *hates* Perl but she hates everything

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