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Re: non-business language

by fmogavero (Monk)
on Mar 22, 2002 at 14:40 UTC ( #153561=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to non-business language

Brother Particle,

I feel your pain!

If your employer is monitoring your communications, which every employer has a right to do, then the only thing that you can do is stop going to Perl Monks and every other working aid that could possibly contain offensive language.

If your employer has an intranet, you may want to point out to them that there may be references to medical, religious and or political items which could be offensive to some people. For example, the calendars that you buy in stores show religious holidays. Soon Passover will begin. Good Friday is going to happen and then Easter Sunday. Mardi Gras is even based on religious pretense. So therefore any mention of Mardi Gras on your corporate intranet should be filtered out.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to religion, but I am opposed to dictatorial management. If your compnay is not willing to let a couple of human mistakes occur, then they are doomed to failure. If they don't trust you to be discreet (aacording to their rules) then maybe you should consider all of the alternatives available, including finding a company that does trust you.

Perl Monks is free. It is an essential working aid for anyone who uses Perl. It tends along the Democratic lines rather than the Conservative lines. (Thank God!(Oh no a religious reference!)) If your employer wants you to use it then they need to either permit the current filtering you have, or tell info security that this is an OK site and to back off.

There is no easy solution to a problem such as this. My intention is to contribute and help. Hopefully I have done that.


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Re: Re: non-business language
by stefan k (Curate) on Mar 22, 2002 at 15:01 UTC

    If your employer is monitoring your communications, which every employer has a right to do, ...

    Not necessarily! In Germany for instance _if_ the company allows private email the company is not allowed to look at the content, even if it may contain viruses in attachments. In this case the personal rights are stronger than the companies rights. And allowing email is not done by explicitly stating that, it is enough if the company just don't checks whether you receive private email or not...

    (all this is valid in case I didn't get something wrong...)

    Regards... Stefan
    you begin bashing the string with a +42 regexp of confusion

      I do not know German law. But I did learn something today.

      Thank You stefan_k!

      Please note that I used italics on the word right in that first phrase.

      IMHO, business is about making money, not monitoring what people read while at work unless it doesn't contribute to the overall picture. If using Perl Monks makes an employee more productive, then use it.

      IMHO, Language is just a method of communicating thoughts and bad words are for emphasis.

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