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Re: Style geekcode

by Caillte (Friar)
on Mar 25, 2002 at 17:51 UTC ( #154162=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Style geekcode

Fun idea! Here's mine:

It=8 Os1 ;0 S,><.><+>**<=><&&& gt;<and>++<gt><==>
B2 L1 C2 P-1 N> Vl(en)c1a1p(s0h0a0)r0d2 Hswl main-sub

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Node Type: note [id://154162]
[thezip]: i don't get the command line "back" until I close VIM. No what I want to happen...
[thezip]: I currently don't have access to CYGWIN, else I'd just do a tail -f on the logfile.
[Corion]: thezip: If you want to open vim and can live with opening a second console window, use start "The results" vim.exe c:\path\to\logfile .log
[thezip]: Ooops... I lied. I guess Cygwin is back. I'll just do a tail -f instead. Better. Sorry for the noise.

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