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Re: easy file copy

by Parham (Friar)
on Mar 29, 2002 at 23:00 UTC ( #155350=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to easy file copy

open(IN, "< $input"); open(OUT, "> $output"); print OUT "--- begin stuff ---\n"; print OUT <IN>; # <- this is the cool part print OUT "---- end stuff ----\n"; close(IN); close(OUT);
there would be a few things which would cause this process to go a bit wrong. First, I'd use flock just in case two people decided to copy the file at the same time (chances of this are next to nothing, but why take the chance). Second, i'd binmode because you might be on a OS which distinguishes from binary and text. Finally, instead of printing all at once, i'd print in chunks just to save memory. This is what i'd do:
my $flock = 1 open (FILE1, "file_to_copy.ext") or die "Can't open for reading: $!"; open (FILE2, ">file_to_create.ext") or die "Can't open for writing: $! +"; binmode FILE1; if ($flock == 1) { flock (FILE2, 2); } binmode FILE2; while ( read(FILE1,$file_contents,1024) ) { print FILE2 $file_contents; } close (FILE1); if ($flock == 1) { flock (FILE2, 8); } #this is in fact not needed, th +anx to crazyinsomniac for pointing out the insignificance ... read "f +ile locking" for more information close (FILE2);

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