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"be consistent"


by Nuke (Scribe)
on May 15, 2002 at 02:57 UTC ( #166641=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

  Hello! I'm a Perl, .Net, VB, Pick BASIC, and Delphi programmer. I do it at work every day. I used to consider myself a very good programmer, but communities like these have made me realize that I've got the talent to do ANYTHING, but I'm not King Of The Hill.

  I'd really like to become a valued member of The Monestary, but haven't found anything to offer yet. Hopefully in time, that will change.

  Not Perl related things I like to do:

Spending Time With My Family (All things in moderation though!) =)

My favorite nodes: (So far anyway)

How You (Yes You!) Can Get Involved


Nuke3D: My personal site. It's kinda half blog, half Place-To-Put-Cool-Stuff-To-Share-With-Others. Yeah, okay... It's a blog. (Temporarily down)
Whole Armor Martial Arts: The home page of the dojo where I practice. (Current Rank: 6th Kyu/Green)
Shiho Karano Kan: The home page of Shiho Karano Kan, the martial art style I practice.
ConTEXT: The programmer's editor I use.
BluesNews: All the gaming carnage that's fit to print! (gaming news)
Columbia Ultimate, Inc.: The folks I work for.

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[Corion]: There is a weirdo shim because there is a POE integration for Prima, and if you use that, you can use the POE adapter of AnyEvent. What I'd want is something transport agnostic that parses HTTP or produces HTTP output, so that the communication with ...
[Corion]: ... the socket is done by my code. Ideally that module would not be based on callbacks ;)
[Corion]: Basically, something that decouples the HTTP parsing (+ determining whether to redirect, etc) from the IO
[Corion]: All clients I'm aware of don't do that but issue all IO themselves

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