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Re: Parsing CSV file ?s

by mrbbking (Hermit)
on May 17, 2002 at 15:07 UTC ( #167324=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Parsing CSV file ?s

This seems to be a sample from the file in question, pulled from a duplicate node that is under consideration.
"7375","Upgrade","2.2 arm procmail_3.15.2-1_arm.deb","Debian","http:// +5.2-1_arm.deb","" "7376","Upgrade","2.2 i386 procmail_3.15.2-1_i386.deb","Debian","http: +// +3.15.2-1_i386.deb","" "7377","Upgrade","2.2 m68k procmail_3.15.2-1_m68k.deb","Debian","http: +// +3.15.2-1_m68k.deb","" "7378","Upgrade","2.2 ppc procmail_3.15.2-1_powerpc.deb","Debian","htt +p:// +mail_3.15.2-1_powerpc.deb","" "7379","Hotfix","Q307454","Microsoft"," +ownload/winntsp/Patch/q307454/NT4/EN-US/Q307454i.exe","" "7380","APAR","2.2 sparc procmail_3.15.2-1_sparc.deb","Debian","http:/ +/ +3.15.2-1_sparc.deb","" "7381","Upgrade","2.2 alpha gftp_2.0.6a-3.2_alpha.deb","Debian","http: +// +.6a-3.2_alpha.deb","" "7382","Patch","Metalink Patches for Oracle9iAS Web Cache","Oracle","h +ttp://","NT/WIN2K: "\n"Patch number 2044682 "\n" "\n"SUN Sparc Solaris: "\n"Patch number 2042106 "\n" "\n"HP-UX: "\n"Patch number 2043908 "\n" "\n"Linux: "\n"Patch number 2043924 "\n" "\n"Compaq Tru64 Unix: "\n"Patch number 2043921 "\n" "\n"IBM AIX: "\n"Patch number 2043917 "\n"" "7383","Upgrade","2.2 arm gftp_2.0.6a-3.2_arm.deb","Debian","http://se","" "7384","Upgrade","2.2 i386 gftp_2.0.6a-3.2_i386.deb","Debian","http:// +-3.2_i386.deb","" "7385","Upgrade","2.2 m68k gftp_2.0.6a-3.2_m68k.deb","Debian","http:// +-3.2_m68k.deb","" "7386","Upgrade","2.2 ppc gftp_2.0.6a-3.2_powerpc.deb","Debian","http: +// +.0.6a-3.2_powerpc.deb","" "7387","Upgrade","2.2 sparc gftp_2.0.6a-3.2_sparc.deb","Debian","http: +// +.6a-3.2_sparc.deb","" "7388","Upgrade","2.2.19-deep-symlink.patch","Rafal Wojtczuk <nergal@7>"," +s/2.2.19-deep-symlink.patch",""

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