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More Patience and less hubris required.

by frankus (Priest)
on Jun 26, 2002 at 09:01 UTC ( #177333=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Some advice on another's scripts
in thread Some advice on another's scripts

I'll confess, my sympathies and respect go to peterbrown.
It takes courage to join a debate and clarify your point amongst strangers.
I hope that this incident will not colou?r your perception of Perlmonks.

It seems wrong to throw someone's code to the vultures, for is it not writ :
"let he who is without better things to do, stick his nose in where it is not wanted"?
...and besides we've not finished with Matt's Script Archives yet!

AFAIK we're only here to answer Perl questions and be a community, we don't need to drum up trade.




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