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sending new nodes and replies per email

by amphiplex (Monk)
on Jun 28, 2002 at 16:03 UTC ( #178046=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hi !

I would it very useful if new nodes and writeups to one's own nodes could be sent by email (configurable in the user settings).
I think that this would save a lot of reloads, saving bandwidth and cpu-ticks.

Is this feature implemented, and have I only overlooked it, or does it require a special level ?

----- kurt
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Re: sending new nodes and replies per email
by Beatnik (Parson) on Jun 28, 2002 at 16:17 UTC
      sure, but wouldn't it be more effective if the perlmonk server sends an email now and then instead of many users polling the site frequently ?

      BTW: The xml generator just threw an error, id: 9497991b65983

      ---- kurt
        Send a mail to all monks if there was a new node or run an hourly cron job to fetch the newest nodes... /me thinks (statistically) fewer monks would use the XML fetching method and that it would therefor generate less traffic. Just a guess :)

        Ask someone from pmdev about that error...

        ...Perl is like sex: if you're doing it wrong, there's no fun to it.
Re: sending new nodes and replies per email
by little (Curate) on Jun 28, 2002 at 21:47 UTC

    <laughing>And not to forget sending daily reminders by email to all monks, stating that they should not risk to loose the chance of gaining xp for logging in a day after another. </laughing> :-)

    Have a nice day
    All decision is left to your taste

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