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Re: Call for donations and sponsorship

by Elian (Parson)
on Jul 02, 2002 at 22:06 UTC ( #179012=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Call for donations and sponsorship

I have some semi-hard sell stuff I put together that you (or anyone else) is welcome to have--send me mail and I'll dig it out. (At some point I'll put it on the web, after I find that sack of tuits that I lost a while back...) I'm also happy to call up anyone you've got that's interested and needs more info or some convincing. Mail me phone numbers and names for that. (

I'll see about getting a more formal statement together, rather than just referring to my use.perl journal, and get a node posted on it. Probably July 3rd, which'd be tomorrow. (At least for me now)

If it helps, there's potential for quid pro quo to some extent (links and pages on the YAS site, discounted training and consulting work, as well as speaking engagements) for companies that donate. Details depend on the amount donated and the folks you want.

FWIW, my grant can be extended, but it's third in order of importance, after the grant writer and Larry, which is as it should be. (If you or your company really feels strongly about Parrot over Perl 6, talk to the folks at the perl foundation. Or, heck, me directly, though I'm not personally tax-deductible :)

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