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My Home Script

by Anonymous Monk
on Jul 07, 2002 at 00:32 UTC ( #179904=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
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I have a huge problem that is bugging me. First take a look at a screenshot of my script.

Screen Shot

Now see the radio buttons, they are for files and direcotries. Now when the try to edit a file, it edits it. But if they click on edit when a direcotry is selected I want it to move into that direcotry(on my script). The problem is, how can I tell if it's a direcotry or file. Cause what if the file is called a but the directory is called a. And I need to use radion buttons. Any ideas

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Re: My Home Script
by vek (Prior) on Jul 07, 2002 at 00:53 UTC
    The problem is, how can I tell if it's a directory or file.
    if (-d $fileFound) { # it's a directory } else { # it's *not* a directory }

    -- vek --
      but what if its a file and a direcotry
        Hmmm, last i checked a file and directory are two seperate entities. Meditate upon this:
        use strict; my $file = shift or die 'gimme a file!'; die 'no such file' unless -e $file; print "directory\n" if -d $file; print "plain file\n" if -f $file; print "sym link\n" if -l $file;
        OOOOOO, this is neat:
        use strict; my $file = shift or die 'gimme a file!'; die 'no such file' unless -e $file; while (<DATA>) { my ($test,$msg) = split(/\s+/,$_,2); my $sub = eval "sub { $test shift }"; print $msg if $sub->($file); } __DATA__ -r File is readable by effective uid/gid. -w File is writable by effective uid/gid. -x File is executable by effective uid/gid. -o File is owned by effective uid. -R File is readable by real uid/gid. -W File is writable by real uid/gid. -X File is executable by real uid/gid. -O File is owned by real uid. -z File has zero size. -s File has nonzero size (returns size). -f File is a plain file. -d File is a directory. -l File is a symbolic link. -p File is a named pipe (FIFO), or Filehandle is a pipe. -S File is a socket. -b File is a block special file. -c File is a character special file. -t Filehandle is opened to a tty. -u File has setuid bit set. -g File has setgid bit set. -k File has sticky bit set. -T File is an ASCII text file. -B File is a "binary" file (opposite of -T).


        (the triplet paradiddle with high-hat)
        If you are traversing a directory and examining the contents you will find that you can never have an instance where you have a directory and a file named the same so I'm confused as to your point.


        -- vek --

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