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Answer: How do I make a hash of arrays?

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Q&A > Data Structures > How do I make a hash of arrays? contributed by Anonymous Monk

my @arrayOne = 1..10; my @arrayTwo = 20..30; my %HashOfArrays = ( one => \@arrayOne ); $HashOfArrays{two} = \@arrayTwo; $HashOfArrays{IpointToTheSameArrayAsOne} = \@arrayOne ; $HashOfArrays{IreferenceTheSameArrayAsOne} = \@arrayOne ; $HashOfArrays{MyValueIsThatOfOneAsWell} = \@arrayOne ;
## to create an array reference, just type \@array
## or [ @array ]
##  [ @array ] does not equal \@array
## see perlref for more info

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