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Just another Perl hippy ;^)

by frankus (Priest)
on Jul 11, 2002 at 12:56 UTC ( #181012=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This runs on Debian Woody, using 5.6.1. I hope it works other places too...
It can take an argument, if you want to run it in "Perl advocacy mode",
(Takes an argument... Perl advocacy.. heh ;)

try both... hope you like it.

#bash > ./
#bash > ./ 1

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; no strict 'refs'; no warnings; use Data::Dumper; $Data::Dumper::Quotekeys=0;$Data::Dumper::Varname=';';$~=! $ARGV[0];sub is::all_you_need{while($_=shift){$\=$,="\n";$ Data::Dumper::Pad=$~?$_:$^X;s/'|$/::/g;print sort{length$a <=>length$b}map{s/^|\W'\W|$//gs;s/n::/n'/g;s/:+|_/ /g;$~|| s|t(?=ha)|w|g;s/[^a-z' ]//ig;s/( (?= ))//g;$~||s(you can) (you have to);$_}grep{!/;/}split/\n/,Dumper\%{$_}}}; *There's_Nothing_you::can_do= *that_can't_be_done; (*love::love ='love +'), *Nothing_you::can_sing= *that_can't_be_sung; (*love::love=*love), *Nothing_you::can_say= *but_you::can_learn_how_to_play_the_game, *it's_easy; *There's_nothing_that_you::can_make=*that_can't_be_made; ($love::love. +='love'), *noone_you::can_save=*that_can't_be_saved; (*love::love_love), *nothing_you::can_do=*but_you::can_learn_to_be_you_in_time; *it's_easy; *all_you_need_is = 'love'; *all_you_need::is = *love; *all_you_need=( 'is','love'); *all_you_need=*is::love::love; *love=*is::all_you_need; *There's_nothing_you::can_know=*that_isn't_known; ($love::love.=' love +'); *Nothing_that_you::can_see=*that_isn't_shown; ($love::love.=' love'); *Nowhere_that_you::can_be=*where_you_aren't_mean't_do_be; *it's_easy = '';@all_you::need, *is::love = *all_you_need = *is'love; *all::you_need=*is_love; *all_you::need=*is::love::love; *Love::is=*all_you_need::; # Everybody! .... &love,&love,love( "There's_Nothing_you",,,,,,, "Nothing_you",,,,,,, 'it',,,,,,,,,, );&love,&love,love( "There's_nothing_that_you",,,,,,, "noone_you",,,,,,, "nothing_you",,,,,,, 'it',,,,,,,,,, 'all' x ( 1*$~),,,,,,,,,, 'all' x ( 1*$~),,,,,,,,,, 'all_you'x(1*$~),,,,,,,,,, ),&love,&love('Love'); &love,&love,love( "There's_nothing_you",,,,,,,,,, "Nothing_that_you",,,,,,,,,, "Nowhere_that_you",,,,,,,,,, 'it',,,,,,,,,, 'all' x ( 1*$~),,,,,,,,,, 'all' x ( 1*$~),,,,,,,,,, 'all' x ( 1*$~),,,,,,,,,, 'all' x ( 1*$~),,,,,,,,,, 'all_you'x(1*$~),,,,,,,,,, ),&love('Love');is::all_you_need

Thanks to newrisedesigns for eyeballing the original, looks a bit different, eh?

Ammendments: BrowserUK..


Brother Frankus.


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Re: Just another Perl hippy ;^)
by Django (Pilgrim) on Aug 24, 2002 at 11:37 UTC
    Hey Ho,
    I enjoyed that magic hippie stuff:
    beautiful code beyond my understanding,
    and that argument switch pointe -
    truly a masterpiece!
    Love, Django

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