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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?


by jeorgen (Pilgrim)
on Jun 18, 2000 at 21:48 UTC ( #18720=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

You can reach me at: jeorgen at webworks dot se

I've been dabbling with perl to and fro since 93, when I switched to it from Icon for sifting through library data. Many of the programs I wrote then worked, although they contained big misconceptions about perl :-) I suppose that is one of perl's strengths.

I liked Icon though.

My favorite programming language is actually Hypertalk.

There is a page somewhere on the web on how to shoot yourself in the foot in different programming languages. For hypertalk it says:

"put bullet one of gun into foot of leg of you"

Looking it up on the WWW I realised it's:

"Put the first bullet of the gun into foot left of leg of you. Answer the result"


On my spare time I'm the creator of, for those into European politics. If you choose to venture there, and you're from the US political namespace, please note that the term "liberal" does not carry the same meaning in Europe as in the US.

Mix in a bit of the US term "libertarian" there and you get the general direction. How much you mix in depends on what country in Europe :-)

...and I have to admit I did the site in Zope, not perl ;-)

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[tye]: -1 means nobody logged in or the process was started before audit got booted
[davido]: ok, on my ubuntu system getlogin grabs from /proc/self/ loginuid (per strace)
[tye]: disable /proc and then see what it does?
[davido]: then it reads from /etc/passwd to decide who my uid is.
[davido]: sorry, typed that before you asked me to disable proc
[davido]: but you stumped me; don't know how to disable proc.
[tye]: I don't know if you can just dismount, but I thought so.

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