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filtering hidden files on Win32

by jjdraco (Scribe)
on Aug 30, 2002 at 06:57 UTC ( #194011=categorized question: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Contributed by jjdraco on Aug 30, 2002 at 06:57 UTC
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im currently trying to teach myself perl, i'm working on a script to read a given directory and rename all the files in the directory to the format dir####.ext where dir is the directory name and #### is 0000 through 9999. i've read the list of files in to an array called @file_list but i wanted to filter out any directory, which i was able to do, however i ran across a problem, there was a hidden file in the directory, and i don't want to rename it, i found a way to not rename this file, but i would prefere a more generalized way of doing this, my code for reading the directory is this

@file_list= grep {!/Thumbs.db/ && -f "$_" } readdir(DIR);

is there away to just filter hidden files?

thanks for the help


Answer: filtering hidden files on Win32
contributed by BrowserUk

The following snippet will do what you want.

#!perl -w use strict; use Cwd; use Win32::File qw(GetAttributes); use constant HIDDEN => 2; my $attribs; my $dir = cwd(); print $dir,$/; opendir( DIR, $dir ) or die "Couldn't open $main::DIR: $!\n"; my @vis_files = grep { -f $dir.'/'.$_ and GetAttributes($_, $attrib +s) and not ($attribs & HIDDEN) } readdir(DIR); closedir( DIR ) or warn "Couldn't close $main::DIR: $!\n"; print $_, $/ for @vis_files;

Now, I KNOW I shouldn't have to be defining my own HIDDEN constant, as this and all the others are apparently exported into main by Win32::File.

However, I have tried everything to use these exported constants including:

  • Win32::File::HIDDEN
  • $Win32::File::HIDDEN

and either get 'bareword; noises, or if I turn off strict 'not numeric' noises.

I also investingated and whilst there is a qw( list ) of the constant names exported, I can see nowhere where they aquire any values?

Anyone who can explain

  1. How to use them?
  2. How they (are meant) to aquire values

Will earn the customary ++ and my grateful thanks.

Answer: filtering hidden files on Win32
contributed by Mr. Muskrat

Same basic code... just a few tweaks here and there to get the constant working.

#!perl -w use strict; use Cwd; use Win32::File; my $attribs; my $dir = cwd(); print $dir,$/; opendir( DIR, $dir ) or die "Couldn't open $main::DIR: $!\n"; my @vis_files = grep { -f $dir.'/'.$_ and Win32::File::GetAttributes($_, $attribs) and !($attribs & HIDDEN) } readdir(DIR); closedir( DIR ) or warn "Couldn't close $main::DIR: $!\n"; print $_, $/ for @vis_files;

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