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Re: Re: Re: mod_perl web app design considerations

by valdez (Monsignor)
on Sep 03, 2002 at 21:38 UTC ( #194908=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: mod_perl web app design considerations
in thread mod_perl web app design considerations

Here I am :)

Chapter 6 from Eagle Book describes what you need:

In this chapter, we step back to an earlier phase of the HTTP transaction, one in which Apache attempts to determine the identity of the person at the other end of the connection, and whether he or she is authorized to access the resource. Apache's APIs for authentication and authorization are straightforward yet powerful. You can implement simple password-based checking in just a few lines of code. With somewhat more effort, you can implement more sophisticated authentication systems, such as ones based on hardware tokens.

You can find a copy of this chapter here. mod_perl Developer's Cookbook provides some other examples on the same subject.

I understand your point about deadlines, I was talking about theory, real life is another story ;-)

Good luck for your project. Ciao, Valerio

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