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Re: Newbies, trying to help, and where to draw the line?

by Spenser (Friar)
on Sep 06, 2002 at 05:38 UTC ( #195584=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Newbies, trying to help, and where to draw the line?

Darn!  I hate when I spot good discussions like this after a dozen or so responses are already given.  All the best answers have already been posted.  Nevertheless, here's one minor addition because I can't resist the topic since I've been clobbered for weak answers and given nothing for what I thought were good answers and knew to be working answers.

In Super Searching for ideas and solutions to problems that I figure must have occurred and asked about before, I've run across answers that were either wrong or not understandable by me given my level of experience at the time.  When I read an incorrect answer and don't know it to be wrong (per se), I don't memorize the code and then go out and enter a Perl contest.  I copy the code with some modifications to integrate it into my script and then watch it fail when I test it.  I then play with the scrap of code to see if I'm integrating it improperly.  After a few failed attempts, I usually just delete the uncooperative code and Super Search again.

And when I ask for help by initiating a thread and receive unhelpful answers, I don't condemn the person trying to help.  I mean, I don't know the answer either--that's why I'm asking.

The result is that I learn more from the process.  I learn how to recognize what works and what doesn't work and what won't work.  Suggestions with qualifiers as simple as, "try this" are understood not to be guarantees.  And I think that they don't require the poster to warranty the node by making adjustments to the node, unless the poster wants to do so out of personal pride.

Okay, there's my say.  I really would have had lots more good stuff to say if y'all hadn't beat me to it.  I've got to check this thing more often.


That's Spenser, with an "s" like the detective.

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