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Re: On Proper Disclosure of Trustworthiness

by Marza (Vicar)
on Sep 06, 2002 at 07:17 UTC ( #195588=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to On Proper Disclosure of Trustworthiness
in thread Newbies, trying to help, and where to draw the line?

I read a little of your case when it happened. It really blows dude, but I was not surprised. They are ultra paranoid. Being an ex Internetworking Security guy for the Gov, I was brought in a few times to "smooth" some deals between companies a couple times. Have you seen all the sculpture work infront of their main building? Well they put that up after Oklahoma. They figured somebody was going to drive a bomb in their lobby. I would never work for them! I always got bad vibes from them. I have meet the real wacko "patriots" in our Goverment and yet the Intel people didn't seem "right" to me. Oh well old history.

Darn it. Why does everyone always drag this point into the extreme? Ludicrous. NO, I am not saying that.

Well it is your choice words. Broken is quite different then ineffective. I agree with you about broken code. But that should be weighed against the question. Is broken/pseudo code wrong when they are only asking for steps to doing something versus asking for code on doing something? However, I agree their should be a disclaimer if you are not sure. I do see it getting posted by the more experienced members. It does not happen all the time but a few do that.

Now when you label stuff as ineffective, the arrogance factor goes up. Many here basically label all code they don't like or is written in a way they don't like as ineffective and thus start making claims that people shouldn't answer questions, etc.

I have seen a noob ask for help and a beginner offer help. The beginners code is well not that great but it does the job. Some of the senior members blast the beginner for posting ineffective code. People forget that yes the code maybe childish for their skills but to the guy who wrote it? Well to him it was good. Now it should be said that the beginner should accept constructive critisim. There is no "perfect" code and you can always improve something.

So as why people take the comment to the extreme? Well some of the senior people tend get rather Snobish about beginners and noobs. They don't like the time or "resources" wasted with stupid questions.

In closing. I agree with the disclaimer concept but the senior members need to remember that some people do offer "ineffective" answers mainly because they think they are right.

As I said before the posting of bad code can be good learning material as it get's explained why it is bad.

Just my .02

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