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Re: HWXperl - The place for GUI apps in Perl

by PodMaster (Abbot)
on Sep 22, 2002 at 04:19 UTC ( #199844=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to HWXperl - The place for GUI apps in Perl

How is GML different from XRC?

Why would I wanna use it instead of XRC?

Where can I find more info on this "PerlBin"?

XRC is wxWindows's XML-based resource system. Here is some XRC:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <resource> <object class="wxMenuBar" name="mainmenu"> <style>wxMB_DOCKABLE</style> <object class="wxMenu" name="menu_file"> <label>$File</label> <style>wxMENU_TEAROFF</style> <object class="wxMenuItem" name="menu_about"> <label>$About...</label> <bitmap>filesave.gif</bitmap> </object> <object class="separator"/> <object class="wxMenuItem" name="menu_dlg1"> <label>Dialog 1</label> </object> <object class="wxMenuItem" name="menu_dlg2"> <label>Dialog 2</label> </object> <object class="separator"/> <object class="wxMenuItem" name="menu_quit"> <label>E$xit\tAlt-X</label> </object> </object> </object> </resource>

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Re: Re: HWXperl - The place for GUI apps in Perl
by gmpassos (Priest) on Sep 22, 2002 at 05:14 UTC
    First, the XML module is slow to load! The first idea was to use XML, but since every app will use XML, I decided to make my own parser to avoid the time load. GML has some adds, the use of the + and * to tell the type of the content of a tag, or to tell that a tag need or not a closer: </tag>.

    For example, an event can be writed:

    <event type="onCreate" sub="onCreate">
    or declaring the sub with the event:
    <event type="onCreate" +> print "Obj $_[0] created!\n" ; </event>
    About XRC, the idea of GML is not another way to declare wxWindows app, is a easy and fun way! GML was design to be easy to write, and not necessary follow the same args of a wxWindow object, you can see that with the textctrl tag, you have the font arg, to do this with XML you will need to declare a font and a textattr object and set it to the textctrl, with GML you just put font="face: Arial; size: 10; color: #0000FF", like a html. You can edit GML by hand, but in the future everything will be made from a GUI editor, like delphi.

    I saw that a lot of peoples think wxPerl confuse, because wxPerl is wxWindows on Perl. In other words, the people need to know wxWindows to use wxPerl, and what I'm doing is to make this more easy. But I do not take off any merit from wxPerl (Mattia), wxPerl is very very good, for me is the best GUI lib for Perl in the moment, but the ordinary user will want something more easy, but if you know wxPerl you still can use it with HWX, since I don't cut any feature.

    > Where can I find more info on this "PerlBin"?
    Get HWXperl or take a look in the CVS at SourceForge. Note that PerlBin only works with HWXperl binarys, since they have some changes from the standart (you can see it in the CVS too).

    The best answer for your question is to see HWX with your own eyes!

    You have asked for me: Have you announced HWXperl on the wxperl mailing list?
    I was talking with Mattia about the project. When it's with more controls, probably when we have something about the editor, I will publish it on wxPerl

    Thanks for your reply,
    Graciliano M. P.
    "The creativity is the expression of the liberty".

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