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Re: PGA Golf, Round 1 - Results

by mtve (Deacon)
on Sep 27, 2002 at 07:47 UTC ( #201137=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to PGA Golf, Round 1 - Results

Hole 6 can be improved by two chars:

sub hole6{sort{$&x$a=~'[aeiuo]'cmp$&x$b=~//}@_}

or, alternatively:

sub hole6{sort{$a!~/[aeiuo]/.$&cmp$b!~//.$&}@_}

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Node Type: note [id://201137]
[hippo]: Yary: There are a few useful pointers in I need perl coding standards
[hippo]: ... and a boatload of good stuff in On Coding Standards and Code Reviews
[Yary]: Looking at system pm's, looks like it's "package" on the first line, then POD, then "use;use strict; use warnings; use modules..."
[Yary]: ah thanks for those links
[hippo]: Just bear in mind that all such ideas are subjective.
[choroba]: There might be a different standard at the shop you write the code for.
[choroba]: The order of package - (strict+warnings | warnings+strict) - modules makes sense, POD and strict-warnings order are not so important

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