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Re: Perl 6 release date

by cciulla (Friar)
on Oct 10, 2002 at 19:02 UTC ( #204290=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl 6 release date

Edit: I was close -- only ~12 or so years off...

My Entry: 2003-02-03.

And, just for the sake of clarity....

Julian Day Number2452674
Gregorian Date (New Style)February 3, 2003
Quaker Gregorian Date2nd month 3 day, 2003
Quaker Julian Date11th month 21 day, 2002
Roman/Julian DateXII Calends Februarius 2003
French RevolutionQuintidi, Pluvi˘se 15, CCXI
Hebrew Calendar DateAdar 1, 5763 Anno mundi
Islamic (Hijri) DateDhu al-Hijja 1, 1423 Anno hegira
Baha'i Calendar Date16 Sultan, Abad (7) , Vahid 9, Kull-i-Shay 1
Chinese Calendar DateDay 3, Month One, Year 20 Gui-Wei (Sheep), Cycle 78
Chinese/Gregorian DateDay 3, Month One, 2003
Thai Suriyakati (modern) DateKumpaphan 3, 2546 Buddhist Era
Thai Chantarakati (lunar) DateKuen 3 Kham, Duen Sam, Pi Chuad Benja Sok (Rat), Year
Babylonian Calendar DateAddaru 3, 2628
Chaldean Nabonasser DateTebetu 17, 2751
Jelali CalendarBarsude 11, 925 Jelali Era
Yezdesred CalendarKyak 17, 1372 Yezdesred Era
Zoroastrian CalendarMoher Mhor 12, 2392 Zoroastrian Era
Fasli (San Soor) CalendarTabe 18, 1404 Fasli Era
Armenian Calendar DateMonth Seven 14, 1452 Armenian Era
Phoenician Era of Tyre CalendarPeritius 5, 2127 Era of Tyre
Seleucid CalendarPeritius 22, 2314 Seleucid Era
Syro-Macedonian Greek CalendarDystrus 23, 2314 Syro-Macedonian Greek Era
Syro-Macedonian Syrian CalendarPeritius 15, 2315 Syro-Macedonian Syrian Era
Era of Antioch Greek CalendarDystrus 20, 2050 Era of Antioch Greek
Era of Antioch Syria CalendarXanticus 16, 2050 Era of Antioch Syria
Coptic Calendar DateTybi 27, 1720 Coptic Era
Ethiopian Calendar DateTobe 27, 1996 Ethiopian Era
Egyptian Alexandrian DateTybi 27, 7495 Egyptian Alexandrian Era
Egyptian Julian Sothic DateShemu II 17, 4788 Egyptian Sothic Era
Egyptian Senwosret III DatePaone 17, 3884 Egyptian Senwosret III Era
Egyptian Amenhotep I DatePayni 17, 3550 Egyptian Amenhotep I Era

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Re: Re: Perl 6 release date
by ichimunki (Priest) on Oct 10, 2002 at 19:19 UTC
    Please tell me there is an application that spits out the above information given a date input.
      Yeah, there's bunches. I know that some Thai's use a funky calendar, so I did a search on Google for "calendar thai gregorian," followed a link to Cyndi's List - Calendars & Dates, and finally found Cumberland Family Software's Universal Calendar Converter.

      Three caveats:
      • Windows-only (written in Clarion, FWIW)
      • It's a great example of how NOT to design a user interface
      • They're charging $25 bucks for it, and two other programs

      When I get some gumption (I'm fresh out), I'll write a calendar converter in perl (or whatnot).

      Oh, yeah, I was disappointed that they didn't have Aztec, Mayan, or Incan dates. That's why I'll write one, if for no other reason.
Re: Re: Perl 6 release date
by rje (Deacon) on Oct 11, 2002 at 19:19 UTC
    Don't forget the Mayan calendar: (9 Chuen 4 Pax).

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