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Think about Loose Coupling

With whom to collaborate

by Wassercrats
on Oct 16, 2002 at 23:36 UTC ( #205881=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I'm considering getting help with a script that I'm working on. I may want someone to add database connectivity and maybe some specialty modules that work with the main script. I have a search engine module in mind, because my script could prepare an index of web addresses and some information about them.

Mainly, I'd like to work with a company that would pay me as I collaborate with them. In return, they would get a piece of the action when the script is finished.

The documentation is just about complete, as is the main, hard part of the script, and a sample of how I've used what I've completed so far to improve my website. I can provide a link to the documentation and the page that made use of the script, and possibly a link to a demonstration version of the script for anyone who's interested, qualified, and may be willing to work with me as described above.

ForTell Technologies has information on their homepage that makes them sound interested in such things, but they're in Canada, and I'm not. Too difficult to sue, and copyright issues probably become more complicated.

Any advice? Thanks.

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Re: With whom to collaborate
by Anonymous Monk on Oct 17, 2002 at 09:51 UTC
    Any advice?

    Open Source it! You'll be able to improve the project through other's contributions, gain far better publicity which improves job prospects (including consulting work), and it could also lead to some venture capital ala the snort story!

    Still reading? Guess you didn't buy it. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Let's see what else I have for advice...

    • Finish the script first. Add the database and "specialty modules" (whatever those are) in first, a finished product is far more marketable.
    • Don't call it a script, it makes it sound insignificant. It's at least a integrated Perl-based web services development platform (switch buzzwords as appropriate).
    • Setup a website for the program (don't forget the picture of the pretty product box with your product's name on it, despite the fact it's not available in boxes..), drop a few hints to prospective companies and see what turns up.

    So based on the preceding advice, I'd say your strategy should be as follows:

    1. Post a meditation on Perlmonks.
    2. Ignore the anonymonks rambling's.
    3. ...
    4. Profit!!!

    Well, that's 3 out of 4. I'll leave the last one as an exercise for the reader. Best of luck! ;-)

      I've been preparing myself to do that. I'd have to forget about the search engine module and any database work because I don't want to wait that long, and I know nothing about those things. I may forget about all the modules (don't even know what to call them), but the main script serves a purpose or two on its own, even for non-programmers.


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