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Re: Email lists (the Righteous sort)

by derby (Abbot)
on Oct 18, 2002 at 16:59 UTC ( #206362=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Email lists (the Righteous sort)


You didn't say what the total number of emails being sent are. If it's small (in the hundreds), I would look at wrapping Mail::Mailer and a tuned sendmail configuration; however, if it's in the thousands, Mail::Bulkmail may be fine. Mail::Bulkmail hasn't been updated in a while but I just looked at the code last month and except for a few colorful comments by the author, it was still quite solid.

You may also want to look into some of the mailing list managers out there.


Comment on Re: Email lists (the Righteous sort)
Re: Re: Email lists (the Righteous sort)
by George_Sherston (Vicar) on Oct 18, 2002 at 17:15 UTC
    At present the list is just short of 500, but new signups come in about ten a day, so realistically it's going to have to cope with thousands rather than hundreds. I'm reassured that you think Mail::Bulkmail is sound. I wonder why nobody's maintaining, given that it meets such an obvious need.

    George Sherston
      I've just recently used Mail::SendMail to send out 600 invitations and reminders for a graduate research survey. It took all of about 5 minutes or so. I've had no problems with it yet. I'd be interested in knowing what the magical cutoff point is--just in case I have to help someone with a larger mailout.


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