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XP is just a number

Re: XP and level balancing

by graff (Chancellor)
on Oct 25, 2002 at 08:12 UTC ( #207925=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to XP and level balancing

Relax. It's okay for people to get to level 4 quickly when they actually post decent stuff, because that sort of positive reinforcement encourages decency (very effectively, I think). The jump from 5 to 6 (from XP200 to XP500) would, on average, take at least as long as the whole progression from newbie to level 5, and so it's not surprising to see a clump of folks who hit a "plateau" there.

As for the gradual but inevitable growth of the saint caste, if PM were a for-profit corporation and our saints were managers and chief officers, this sort of growth would be bad. But since PM is an all-volunteer, all-pro-bono, altruistic mob, having more people at the highest level just makes things better for everybody at all levels (even for those levels less populated than the saint class) -- it means more experts to share the SOPW load, more diversity of expertise, better jokes in the CB, you name it.

If/when I reach that level, it'll be meaningful for me, no matter how many others are there by that time, no matter how many more come in afterwards.

update: Having thought a bit more (and looking at some other replies), I wanted to stress this one point about XP and levels: it should not be about climbing into ever more rarified and exclusive upper ranks. It's about accumulating a common wealth of experience, such that people are accountable (get credit) for the experience they contribute. A lot of effort is invested to make sure the wealth can be shared as openly and effectively as possible. When there are more saints, the whole community is richer, and I don't see a problem with that.

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Re^2 XP and level balancing
by @rocks (Scribe) on Oct 26, 2002 at 06:03 UTC
    Amen to that graff. It's not about XP folks. It's about learning Perl and gaining knowledge. It means a lot to me when I gain a level but it is not why I am here. I would almost dare to say no one here thinks XP is the all powerful force at PM. PM is about collecting information about Perl and sharing it, not XP. I think we could work on it but it is such an inferior issue I think that we are fine like we are, one big community of people who use Perl some way or another.


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