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Email Notification

by Anonymous Monk
on Nov 16, 2002 at 04:07 UTC ( #213351=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I think the Seekers of Perl Wisdom and the Perl Monks Discussion should be able to email the author of a post when his or her post is responed to. This is obviously a very simple trick. Please consider.


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Re: Email Notification
by diotalevi (Canon) on Nov 16, 2002 at 04:45 UTC

    If you visit your User Settings page from your home node there's a setting name " /msg me when there's a reply to one of my posts". Turn that on and you'll get private messages in your inbox.

    If you want a real-email notification then visit Related Scripts and setup a cronjob to query PerlMonks for new messages. purports to do just this job.

    Check our jdporter's PerlMonks for the Absolute Beginner for other cool ideas.

    __SIG__ use B; printf "You are here %08x\n", unpack "L!", unpack "P4", pack "L!", B::svref_2object(sub{})->OUTSIDE; enables to communicate private messages via email, but doesn't answer the original question.

      When i post a message in any discussion thread, i would like to receive an email once someone has posted an additional message in this discussion thread.

      I this something that might be implemented in the future?

      In the meantime, we could just have a little script that sends us an email anytime that someone has answered one of our messages. For doing that, it might be enough to check (every 5 minutes?) that the bit right under "Chatterbox" (the bit where it's written "And 4 more, 17 archived", and the bit right over it) has changed.

      I might do it and share it at some point, but i'm overloaded with work at the moment and for a few months to come, so probably won't do this now. If anybody has the energy and will, don't hesitate to ask if you didn't understand how it checks whether you received an answer to a message. It's really dead simple.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I hate when i'm in a rush to get an answer, to come back every 5 minutes to check if i got an answer...until i get an answer 2 hours later... and i've spent all this time checking, for nothing.

      How does this sound?

      Did i miss a script or CPAN distro that does this already?

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