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Re: My favorite other on-line community is...

by Abigail-II (Bishop)
on Feb 02, 2003 at 02:41 UTC ( #231933=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My favorite other on-line community is...

Actually, of the "on-line communities" I visit regulary, perlmonks is my least favourite. These are the communities I visit regulary, in backwards order of when I joined:
  • Perlmonks. Since 2Q 2002 as 'Abigail-II', before that as Abigail, with about a year of not being here.
  • alt.sysadmin.recovery. I joined this Usenet group in 1997 or 1998. I recently ended my year long vacation from Usenet.
  • IRC, #perl. Since early 1997. Certainly the busiest community I visit. Of all the people I know both in RL and from an on-line community, I know most of them from IRC.
  • p5p, the perl5-porters mailing list. Since about the same time as IRC. I'm a member of about a dozen mailinglists (the exact number varies over time), but this is the only one that gives me some sense of a community.
  • comp.lang.perl.misc, previously comp.lang.perl. Since Januari 1995, the same day I started to use Perl. This community has given me the best exposure over the years.
  • VikingMUD, since 1993, and before that, IgorMUD, since 1991. My most precious community. By far the least amount of traffic, but I've spend 1354 days there. That 1354 * 24 hours being online there. It has given me jobs and some very deep (and long) friendships.
  • nl.eeuwig.september, split-off from nl.misc, which was called nlnet.misc before, and nlnet.general even before that. Been part of that community since 1988 - some members go back even further.


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Re: Re: My favorite other on-line community is...
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 02, 2003 at 06:33 UTC

    You don't say WHY PM is your least favorite?

      You don't say WHY PM is your least favorite?

      There are several reasons. I won't describe them all, some are just vague, and not worth discussing.

      One major con against perlmonks is its user interface. It's web based, which is just horrible compared to usenet, mailinglist, IRC or MUDs, all of which I can do from an xterm. For usenet and mailinglist, where you write articles, just like with perlmonks, you can do the editing in your favourite editor *IN PLAIN TEXT*. With perlmonks, you have to use a small textarea, writing in some poorly defined HTML derived markup. You don't even have the option to write in plain text, or POD. It's a lot easier to type C<$_> than it is to do <code>$_</code> (specially considering that HTML already has a CODE element). Mailinglist and usenet articles I can automatically file - not so with Perlmonks.

      Perlmonks is the only community I frequently visit that has thrown adds at me. I very seldomly see spam in the usenet groups I visit, or on the mailinglists - they have been filtered out before reaching me.

      Also, I find it much harder to 'notice' individuals on Perlmonks. On other forums, I find it easier to notice others - people spring out because of their particular knowledge, style, behaviour, signature, (dis-)likes, etc. There are a few names here I pay attention too, but that's usually because I know the names from other elsewhere.

      Note that I'm not saying I don't like Perlmonks, I wouldn't be here if that was true. But if I have to rank the communities I visit, Perlmonks would end last.


Re: Re: My favorite other on-line community is...
by Wally Hartshorn (Friar) on Feb 03, 2003 at 19:59 UTC

    re: "VikingMUD, since 1993, and before that, IgorMUD, since 1991. My most precious community. By far the least amount of traffic, but I've spend 1354 days there. That 1354 * 24 hours being online there."

    (Doing some math here...) If I understand correctly, you are saying that over the last 12 years, you have spent an average of 7-8 hours per day on these MUDs. Is that correct?

    *blink* And you're employed? And you sleep? *blink*

    Wally Hartshorn

    (Plug: Visit JavaJunkies, PerlMonks for Java)

      Thats nothing unusual. Bear in mind that most muds continue to count time even if you are idle, and a lot of people just leave themselves logged in over night. (Not that I'm saying Abigail does this, but some of those hours are bound to be idle ones.)
      (I started in 1993 and have probably around a 1000 days online-time, if I add all the various muds together that I played (averaging about 150 days on each one..))


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