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Re: Re: Does an idea have value?

by powerhouse (Friar)
on Feb 04, 2003 at 07:40 UTC ( #232487=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Does an idea have value?
in thread Does an idea have value?

A[X] B[ ] C[ ] D[ ]

I'll have to go with A. Often times I am about to pull my hair out, LITERALLY(you should see my balding head;o))

Then I'll ask for help.

Often I get some very off the wall comments(different forums not just PerlMonks), so I'll try them, often they don't work, most of the time they do, but I'll tell you this, and my wife would confirm this, I will read every post on the matter, in the thread upon which I'm focusing on(usually mine). Then I'll go to sleep frustrated, and I will dream the solution. I swear, It happens all the time. I wake up, remembering what I did in my dream, and it works!

I probably could not do that, if I don't get to read those other "angles" on the matter.

One time I was stuck for at least 8 days, I swear, I almost just through my dang computer away, then one time I read an answer from Dave Cross in ANOTHER thread on a different subject that had nothing to do with my problem, and it while I was dreaming I solved it, but that time I could not remember when I woke up what I did.

So I scanned over and over the code AGAIN. Then I remembered what Dave did, so I looked at my code again and again. And I changed one field in one subroutine, and another field in a different subroutine, and it worked.

I would never had thought of that if I had not read what Dave said.

sometimes answers come from NOTHING AT ALL. Don't ever stop sharing your knowledge, it is TRULY POWER.

Even if it does not belong, if a person reads it who has never known that before, they became stronger minded and a better person, because of it(provided it's upbuiding not negative).

That is my 4 cents on the subject:o) Take Care,

Sorry If I rambled on and on... It's about 1:30 am but I've been up for almost 22 hours straight. I'm seeing stars ;o)

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