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Re: Module Design Review -- DB mini language

by Elgon (Curate)
on Feb 11, 2003 at 01:30 UTC ( #234290=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Module Design Review -- DB mini language

Okay Matt, we've had the replies from people as to why you shouldn't reinvent this particular wheel. I'm not going to give you that kind of answer as lots of pople have already done that and generally more eloquently than I could. What I will do is ask you why you want to do this and perhaps give you a reason why you should consider implementing your idea. If I get flamed for this, as they say in the Phillipines - Bahala na.

Q & A 1 - Why do you really want to do this? This may seem like a dumb question, but it isn't (I hope.) Is it because you think that SQL is a bit ugly, you can make a microlanguage which will provide a limited subset of functionality more efficiently or because you don't really grok SQL? Answer yourself honestly. If it is the last of these then you are guilty of false modesty, which is a Bad Thing (TM) because you have failed to take the time to nuderstand (Update, Def: Nuderstand, like 'understand' but much more fun) something which could save you hours of work on a potentially pointless exercise. If it is the first, then remember that Perl often appears externally ugly, however you learned to look at the beauty and efficiency it can provide when used correctly in the right situations (let us not forget that Perl is not always the Right Choice (also TM.)) If it is the middle one, then go ahead - prove the doubters wrong.

Q & A 2 - Why should you do this? Well, apart from the reason highlighted above, it might be a good technical exercise. My two most recent additions to PM have both been just that - something that I will probably rarely, or never, use but from which I have learned something (Kudos to Tachyon re: help on scoping.)What could you learn from this? Shedloads of stuff: API and language design, coding bigger projects and the judgement of abstractions, possibly even a newfound sense of wellbeing and respect for the designers of SQL - you never know.

My son, the only question which yet remains, is one you must answer for yourself: Is this a valuable and potentially enlightening use of your time?


"What this book tells me is that goose-stepping morons, such as yourself, should read books instead of burning them."
       - Dr. Jones Snr, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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