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Re: Bestowing blessings upon monks?

by blackstarr (Friar)
on Mar 02, 2003 at 13:02 UTC ( #239847=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Bestowing blessings upon monks?

++ For making my baincells fire! Personally I think the whole XP system is far too "easy."

If I look back at my own posts and the XP they have garnered for me, I am astonished. None of them even pretend to any technical knowledge of Perl (because I'm still crawling & have yet to walk), and in my own opinion weren't THAT great. Yet I've come a long way (XP-wise) in a short time.

I came here to learn Perl, and in the process am reading an amazing amount of posts, technical and otherwise, and I get the (subjective) impression that XP is not really THAT closely associated with Perl guruship (?new word? can I copyright?), but more with "community".

Don't get me wrong ... I like getting XP ... it sure boosts my ego ... but other than that it's worth zero. If, on the other hand, someone replies to my message, letting me know what they thought ... that boosts my ego AND gives me an idea of WHAT other's think of my thoughts, and this helps me to evaluate my own ideas against those of the broader community. (I frequently still stick to my own ideas, at least on non-technical issues, but at least it give me perspective.)

In other words ... you can drop the XP, but please let me know what you think (of what I think ...)

So Long

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