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Re: Re: On Two Years of Silence...

by tunaboy (Curate)
on Mar 31, 2003 at 19:25 UTC ( #247040=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: On Two Years of Silence...
in thread On Two Years of Silence...

Thanks for the reply. I agree that XP, although 'fun', should not be a significant factor in the decision of whether to post or not.

As far as getting out of my shell, that was what this meditation was meant to do. A challenge to myself if you will.


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Re^3: On Two Years of Silence...
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Apr 01, 2003 at 10:54 UTC
    I sort of disagree about XP being no factor in whether one should post something or not. But see for yourself. :)

    Makeshifts last the longest.

      A good node, I had not seen that one before (got a ++ from me).

      When I say XP should not be a factor in posting I mean that if you feel you have a valid point or have a question you just cannot find an answer to you should post even if you think it will result in downvotes and a loss of XP. The real point of it all is to learn and help others learn, not gain XP.

      Thanks for the reply and ++.

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