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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?


by theorbtwo (Prior)
on Jul 29, 2000 at 04:35 UTC ( #25047=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

PMPlanet, the funky other users display I keep on mentioning in the CB Location: 51.584483, -1.741483
$me{livejournal} = "";
$me{email} = ("james.mastros@biz" ~= tr/.@/@./);
$me{AIM screenname} = "theorbtwo";
$me{MSN Instant Messenger address} = "";
$me{'Y! pager username'} = "theorbtwo";
$me{ICQ UIN} = 1293898;
@$me{prefered contact method} = [qw(AIM email)];
$me{quote} = "True mastery is knowing enough to BS the rest."
$me{'true mastery'}{perl} = 2e-8; #Upgraded from 0. One day...
$me{'image'}{'more info'} = qq{
"Rock crystal sphere, 19th century China. An ornamental treasure from the imperial palace in Bejing, it once belonged to the Dowager Empress Cixi. It rests on a Japanese stand of silver." see The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology};
$me{os} = ' Linux,WinXP,Win98..ME';
$me{DOB} = '1980/06/11';
$me{email} = '';
$me{PM stat's line} = 'here'; # (almost at the end of the page)
$me{PM stat's XP change graph} = 'here';
$me{PM stat's posting frequency} = 'here'; # near the top of the page

$me{geek code}{perl} = qq{

Version: 0.01
P++>+++c--P6 (++)R+M+O++MA++E
PU+(+++)BD C >--D!> S X-WP+>++MO PP
n!CO--PO-o+>++G A+>+++OL!OLC+Ee-(
$me{name}{explanation} = "TheOrbTwo's Name Space";
$me{"user's bio"}{perl code}{syntax errors} = Inf-NaN;

push @$me{'former .signatures'}, <<END;
We are using here a powerful strategy of synthesis: wishful thinking. -- The Wizard Book

Those wondering about the strange formatting should go to perlmonk's stats page, and all will be made clear.

Also, all monks should read turnstep's home node. It's the best documentation on the Monastery I've seen.

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[james28909]: ok maybe i need to ask this question in sopw and not CB but here goes
[james28909]: i am manually parsing html, and am trying to wrap my head around keeping up with tag counts
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[james28909]: how can i manage multiple tags? other than div?

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