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Re: Favourite modules April 2003

by AcidHawk (Vicar)
on Apr 15, 2003 at 11:57 UTC ( #250546=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Favourite modules April 2003

++ Juerd for a good idea.

I am currently using a host of modules which I have varying success with. But as I do most of my work on Win32 platforms I use mostly modules that make my life easier in that environment.

  • Win32::Daemon
  • #Manipulate the Win32 Service]
  • Win32::Process
  • #Spawn external process'.
  • Win32::EventLog
  • #Needed to send messages to the NT eventlog
  • Win32::EventLog::Message
  • #Use this and you don't need a Message DLL
  • Win32::API
  • XML::Simple
  • #For the Managed Domain Cust Mapping
  • File::Copy
  • #To Move the XML form the xmlout dir to the relevant callout dir
  • Win32::TieRegistry
  • #Read and Update/Create Win32 Registry Keys
  • DBI
  • CGI
  • IO::Socket
  • #Part of Core
  • IO::Select
  • #Part of Core
  • Email::Valid
  • #Validate email addresses for good form as well as DNS checks

    I could go on but theses are really the basis of most of what I do..;)

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