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RFD for BerkeleyDB and related modules

by MadraghRua (Vicar)
on May 01, 2003 at 18:06 UTC ( #254750=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hi Folks
I just received the following message from Paul Marquess, developer of DB_File and BerkeleyDB. There's a proposal for a news group for BerkeleyDB and all things related, like the Perl modules. If you're interested in the group, please look into the ongoing RFD.


at some time in the past few months you have contacted me regarding either/both of my Perl modules, namely DB_File and BerkeleyDB.   If you aren't interested in these modules any more, accept my apologies for this mail.

Assuming you are still interested, there is a proposal for the creation of a new Usenet newsgroup called comp.databases.berkeley-db.   It's remit is to allow discussion of all things related to Berkeley DB, including the Perl interfaces.   At the moment the proposal is at the RFD (Request for Discussion) stage.   The RFD is available here.

I think this newsgroup would be of real use to the Perl community.   Although I don't mind getting mail directly about my Perl modules, I don't always have the time to respond as quickly as I would like.   This new newsgroup would help fill that gap.

If you are interested, please consider commenting on the comp.databases.berkeley-db thread in the news.groups newsgroup.

Paul Marquess

yet another biologist hacking perl....

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