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Re: Religion in the Monastery.

by Intrepid (Deacon)
on May 05, 2003 at 18:56 UTC ( #255715=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Religion in the Monastery.


Well, since you asked (although you didn't exactly phrase it as if you were soliciting survey replies), yeah, my faith is a big part of my programming work. I wouldn't be doing programming at all without it, in fact, because it was the subtle workings of Buddhist experience that led me to learn programming in the first place, to perservere in teaching myself.

I think that maybe Larry's overt, unshy Christian faith does help a little to create an atmosphere in the Perl community in which some people can feel less restrained (constrained) about referring to their own religious lives. At least, I know that *I* am not "turned off" by Larry's thoughtful, questing sort of Christian faith even though my own religious belief-system isn't the same as his. Mostly our society in professional realms is so thoroughly secularized and anxious about legalities and sensitivities that many people wouldn't volunteer any information about any affiliation they have (of a religious nature) lest they been seen as doing something "inappropriate".

The fact of the matter is that PerlMonks isn't a workplace (although of course many are using it IN their workplace ;-) ... so "corporate-style" rules about speech and policies pertaining to it don't and shouldn't apply here, except of course hopefully a better-than-normal standard of civility will prevail (we should try to always display goodwill, tolerance and generosity towards fellow Monk(/ettes), naturally.

Anyway, so, yeah, Buddhist here <g> and in an indirect way that does play a big role in both for what and how I write Perl.


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[marioroy]: I also have a Hobo driver for Forklift allowing folks to use in multiple classes, no conflicts with one another. That's not possible for P::FM.
[Discipulus]: congrats marioroy!
[marioroy]: CORE::wait works well eventhough multiple instances or classes using Hobo::Manager.
[Corion]: marioroy: I'm not sure what the normal use for the PID is in P:FM, but I guess that most programs just ignore or log it
[Corion]: Oh, yes, programs could call wait $pid, but if your $pid is an object, then you could add a ->wait method to it and wait $pid would call that automatically "thanks" to indirect object notation
[marioroy]: Just documentation edits is all that remains. Hobo::Simple provides foreach and forseq with identifier capability -- all transparently supporting array, hash, file handle, and seq 1 .. N.
[marioroy]: Corion Regarding PID, that's great. So will leave it so compatible with MCE::Hobo. e.g. ->create returns a Hobo object. Folks can get ->pid from it. So, that's not a problem.
[choroba]: ad readdir: 5.12 needed
[marioroy]: CORE::wait can block if another process reaps a worker from another class. MCE::Hobo takes care of that and transparently.
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