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by devslashneil (Friar)
on May 09, 2003 at 12:37 UTC ( #256842=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

$devslashneil = Monk->new( name => 'Neil Archibald', nicknames => [ qw/nemo orokusaki noel devslashneil synack/ ], age => 20, homepage => URI->new(''), email => Mail::Address->new ('Neil', 'neil' . '@' . ''), ); -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK------ Version: 3.1 GCS d- s: a-- C+++ UL++++ P++++ L+++ E--- W+++ N+ o K- w O- M-- V PS++ ++ PE Y PGPt+ 5++ X++ R++ tv+ b+++ DI++ D++ G e+ h- r- y++ :w ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

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