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Re: Coding to a deadline - why it is just like hunting bears.

by gmax (Abbot)
on Jun 03, 2003 at 10:07 UTC ( #262612=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Coding to a deadline - why it is just like hunting bears.

This is a clear message we get from DeMarco&Lister's Peopleware

An additional insight from the same source is to improve the environment to get you work in a flow, i.e. a status of concentration where your mind is properly applied to the context, and your thoughts are well connected, so you are in a problem-solving state.

Anyone working on the thinking business (such as programmers) need time to focus on their problem and start being productive about that. It takes at least fifteen minutes to "enter the flow", so if I get a 10 minutes phone call every hour I am only producing 35 minutes worth of my job. And if I get a 1 minute phone call every 15 minutes, I am just not working at all!

Your recommendations fit very well in this scenario. Reduce the noise (mosquitos! ++) and improve your job's quality.

Update There is an interesting review of Peopleware at Slashdot

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