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Re: Re: Disowning CRON

by daveime (Novice)
on Jun 05, 2003 at 16:53 UTC ( #263411=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Disowning CRON
in thread Disowning CRON

Many thanks to hardburn, zby, daeve, Dog and Pony !!

I'll try starting as a background from cron ... that seems the easiest solution.


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Re: Re: Re: Disowning CRON
by seaver (Pilgrim) on Jun 05, 2003 at 21:23 UTC
    If you're writing in a Linux box (i cant vouch for the other unixes) you can check out the list of start-up scripts in /etc/init.d.

    A few scripts are written to be 're-startable', and will find and restart the process in question when run with the option '-restart'.

    These scripts would give you a good idea of how they look for a process already running, in order to stop it, and start it again.


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