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help with the project

by Anonymous Monk
on Jul 07, 2003 at 17:37 UTC ( #272036=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Anonymous Monk has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

dear perl monks, i was selected to do a project in a premiere institute.however due to my session running late and hence my semester going on i couldn't join it i was very latemy project is to develop an online registration form for the windows this a person enters the name and password .we first check whether the person has a linux account with the same login name ...if it exists then we assign himm the windows login.the administrator at the end of the day can upload the files of such users by clicking on the icon on the page.i've developed dome of the project myself as below and i'm trying more but the time is less for the dead line and so ilook upto u to help me get the valuable CERTIFICATE
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use CGI qw/:standard *table start_ul/; #use CGI ::safe qw/:standard/; my $username=param('username) || ' '; my $password=param('password') || ' '; <html> <head> <title>ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM</title> </head> <body style="background-color: blue;"> <div style="color:white;font-family:Tahoma, helvetica,arial;" align +="center"> <h1>Your Registration Form</h1> <p>You can have a <i>Windows </i> account only if u have a <b> Linux + account</b> <p><font color ="red">if you don't have a <b> Linux account</b> click +<a href=""><font color ="yellow">Here</font></a> +to go back to the home page</font> <form action ="users/cc/pr/vaib/1.htm method ="post" enctype ="applica +tion/x-www-form-urlencoded"> <table cellspacing="1" border="0" cellpadding="2" bgcolor="white" styl +e="font: 10pt;"><Tr style="background-color:yellow"> <td><strong>User Name:</strong></td> <td> <input type="text" size="15" maxlength ="25" name="username"></td +> </Tr> <Tr style="background-color:yellow"> <td><strong>Password:</strong></td> <td><input type="password" size="15" maxlength ="15" name = "password" +></td> </Tr> </table> <p><input type= "submit"> <input type="reset" value="clear"></p> </form> </div> </body> </html>

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Re: help with the project
by antirice (Priest) on Jul 07, 2003 at 19:02 UTC

    It's nice to see that you've made progress since your last request for help. However, this "certificate" that you're attempting to get should reflect your ability to do your own work, not your bargaining skills in convincing others to do your work for you. I understand that time is short. If you have specific questions beyond "can you do this for me so I can get a valuable certificate by submitting your work?" then feel free to ask. You should receive an answer within a timely manner.

    At this point, we can't offer much help since your code is 4 lines long (you're missing a single quote after username, btw). As it stands, it would execute more or less, as long as the script is under users/cc/pr/vaib/1.htm and you add print header(); as the first thing that your script prints.

    For some helpful tutorials, please refer to the following: CGI, getpwnam, crypt, the Perl and CGI FAQ, open, print, and possibly perldoc perlopentut.

    Hope this helps.

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Re: help with the project
by tadman (Prior) on Jul 07, 2003 at 17:51 UTC
    I'm sure 'u' know about how to use the getpwnam() function, which will help 'u' find your Linux account information. As for the rest?

    Looks like you've got a lot of work left to do!

    Congratulations on using though. That can't hurt.

    Update: I do hope that this form is being submitted over HTTPS and not plain HTTP. Otherwise, those who use it will surely be hacked, since their shell password is transmitted as plain-text.

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