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Re: Is there a Limit on Matching .*

by graff (Chancellor)
on Jul 15, 2003 at 04:57 UTC ( #274279=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Is there a Limit on Matching .*

Just a nit-pick: this use of $/ seems inappropriate:

$/ = '</h1>';
considering that you don't seem to expect the close tag to always be lower case... I presume you had a reason for including the "i" flag on this regex:
$chunk =~ m%<h1>(.+)</h1>%i;
And of course, the value of $/ cannot be treated as a regex -- it has to be a literal string.

Actually, given that you can "guarantee" only one "h1" tag in an html file, if it happens to be capitalized, you'll just slurp the whole file into $chunk, and the remaining logic will work in any case. But don't fall into a false sense of safety about this sort of usage -- it'll trip you someday.

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