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Re: I spend most of my time in...

by larsen (Parson)
on Jul 26, 2003 at 15:47 UTC ( #278106=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I spend most of my time in...

While I'm writing there are 52 votes for Italy. Since I have only 31 italian monks listed in my homenode, there are at least 21 monks that me and my pards were not able to track dowm :). Drop me a /msg if you think you should be in that list. Thank you.

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Finally the truth! (Re: Re: I spend most of my time in...)
by Anonymous Monk on Jul 26, 2003 at 16:04 UTC

    You forgot to add me in your list.

    Yes! Let's say it at last! Anonymous Monk is Italian!

    At least, some of us AM are ... ;-)


Re: Re: I spend most of my time in...
by Anonymous Monk on Jul 26, 2003 at 16:09 UTC

    ... Not to mention the expats who love staying in Italy, even if they don't understand a word beyond pasta, mozzarella, espresso, and mamma mia!

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